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A Great New Benefit for Members!

The OAS is very excited to announce the launch of the Ophthalmic Anesthesia Society Facebook page, managed by Dr. George Dumas and Anna Zanot. The goal of this endeavor is to provide members with additional online resources as well as an channel to promote their publications and other accomplishments. 

We invite you to follow our page and send us your contributions to help expand our reach.

Why Social Media? A Note from Social Media Chair Dr. George Dumas:

By nature, humans, most of us anyway, are social creatures.  Facebook (2004) is one of the more commonly used forms of social media.  Ease in sharing ideas and experiences with a much larger audience has resulted in broad acceptance and use of social media.  Due to the simplicity of online communication and perceived decreased social risk, it has been suggested that many may prefer online communication over face to face communication.(1)  

Besides the usual arguments for practitioners to possess and control their online presence and digital profile, research has shown that scientific groups, such as the OAS, can benefit from free sharing of ideas and connecting with others within the group.(2)  

Information sharing and nurturing a greater sense of community amongst members of our group, the OAS, can be accomplished by the following: asking for help with a problem, discussing and sharing news, distribution of information on educational and social events, and posting questions which will initiate discussion, dialogue and group interaction.(2)  

It is my hope that by utilizing social media, OAS members and others interested in ophthalmic anesthesia can develop a stronger community.  Increased information sharing, collaboration, opportunities, and lower barriers to participation will strengthen our group.  New and old relationships can be formed and strengthened while improving access and increasing the footprint of the OAS!

1.       Caplan SE. Preference for Online Social Interaction. Communication Research. 2003;30(6):625-48.

2.       Eteokleous-Grigoriou N, Ktoridou K. Social Networking for Educational Purposes: The Development of Social-Cultural Skills through Special Interest Groups. In: Ed DeMarco A. Social Media and Networking: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications. Hershey: IGI Global; 2016. p. 304-26.

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