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What is the appropriate length of time between recovery from COVID-19 and surgery/procedure with respect to minimizing postoperative complications?

10 Jun 2022 10:37 PM | Anonymous

Currently there is a backlog of surgical procedures that have been delayed but are necessary to improve the health and quality of life of our patients. Although there is increasing information to address the timing of surgery after COVID-19 infection, studies continue to lag behind the emerging variants and the likelihood that vaccinated patients have a lower a risk of postoperative complications as compared to unvaccinated patients. Almost all available data come from study periods with zero to low prevalence of vaccination. Read the full article at apsf.org.

Interval Between COVID Diagnosis and Surgery 30-day Mortality Rate for Elective Patients (%, CI)**
No COVID Diagnosis 0.62 (0.57-0.67)
0-2 weeks 3.09 (1.64-4.54)
3-4 weeks 2.29 (1.06-3.53)
5-6 weeks 2.39 (0.87-3.91)
≥7 weeks 0.64 (0.20-1.07)

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